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Titanic Sales, LLC is a premier distributor of new, inline, and closeout general merchandise serving a wide spectrum of clients in major consumer product categories across the globe. Our leadership team, with over fifty years of industry experience, comes from such diverse backgrounds as B2B sales, e-commerce, premium retail, logistics, entertainment media, and software development. Our team members are solutions experts, skilled in finding the right solutions for our client’s sourcing and distribution needs. We’re your one-stop shop for customized market programs that solve your inventory challenges.

Kevo Gulgulian

President and CEO

Salina Mecham

Business Manager

Joseph Gonzales

VP of Business Dev & Tech

Robert Hopkins

Operations Consultant


Titanic Sales is a premier distributor of new, inline, and closeout inventory across to a large network of partners representing a wide spectrum of markets. We help clients on both the selling and buying side of the marketplace achieve their business growth goals by delivering custom inventory solutions. We deliver win-win market solutions that are often overlooked or unavailable through other distribution companies. 

We trade in new and inline products as well as end of life, overstock, and closeout inventories. We help suppliers find new customers for their new and inline product and we help them secure a recovery on stagnate and slow-moving inventory. We help brick and mortar retailers compete against e-commerce by offering deals on traffic driving products from tier one brands. As a stocking distributor, we facilitate win-win relationships between our supply and buying side clients.

In simple terms we buy and sell inventory, but what we offer is much more than that. We offer solutions to inventory and channel problems. Most distributors simply don’t have the time to pay attention to the individual needs of their suppliers or customers. We operate differently. It’s finding specific and unique solutions to our suppliers’ and customers’ challenges that have allowed us to build the highly respected distribution business we have.


Simply – we do it differently. We’re a relationship company. We build our success on strong partnerships. Those relationships are formed through hard work and ethical transparency. Most distribution companies blast out inventory offers indiscriminately and could care less where it ends up or what kind of damage some e-commerce markets do to the brands being sold. That’s not our model. We’re very strategic about where we move product with a mind towards building strong and lasting relationships with our suppliers and customers. We don’t throw darts at a board; we find solutions that make market and economic sense. With us, you deal with people – not portals. We want to build partnerships that last. From purchasing, warehousing, logistics, sales, and program management – we handle everything in house to ensure the best partnership experience possible. 

Strategy is the name of the game. Our buying and selling teams combine their partnership relationships with our technology driven analytics to find the best match between our suppliers and customers. This process allows us to be strategic in where we move product. Everyone wants to grow their business, but not at the expensive of their brand equity in the market. We conduct operations in a way that grows your business, maintains brand equity, and solves inventory challenges that result in win-win solutions.


Titanic Sales is a distributor with a truly global reach. To be competitive in today’s connected and global markets, that global presence is a necessity. We source from and sell to every corner of the globe. In an internationally connected economy, its critical to build and maintain relationships all around the world. We work with manufactures, distributors, logistics companies, institutions, brick and mortar retailers, and start-ups in every region of the world. We understand the challenges of international markets and we find the right solutions for our partners. 

The global game is a complex one. It presents amazing opportunities for finding ideal destinations for closeout inventory or for exposing a brand to new markets, but it’s also beset by countless legal, logistical, and operational challenges. We’re experts at recognizing and overcoming these challenges. Out vast network doesn’t just consist of suppliers and customers, but also professional service providers, advisors, and relevant subject matter experts. This network of some of the most brilliant minds in the industry give us a massive competitive advantage in getting product where it needs to go without headaches or entanglements.


The industry simply needed a better solution and we felt we could be that better solution. The market was evolving, and companies needed a distribution partner that could navigate these challenging changes. Brands are seeing their brand equity destroyed by marketplace sellers and e-commerce behemoths with slash and burn pricing strategies. Physical retail is being squeezed by e-commerce. Many distribution companies are finding themselves stuck with more slowmoving inventory without the unique channels to move it. Organizations seeking to start or expand rewards programs, for employee or customer retention, are having difficulty finding solutions that meet their needs. Institutional budgets are tighter than ever, even as they’re asked to acquire more with limited resources. Promising product start-ups are dying in the vine for want of distribution for their innovative offerings. 

This is the market we find ourselves in. These are the challenges we knew we could solve. One size fits all approaches weren’t cutting it. There was a growing functional divide between those looking to buy inventory and those looking to sell it. The big-name distributors were too large to care and the small closeout distributors were doing more harm than good with their indiscriminate blasting of “deals.” We know there was a better way – so we built it. This is why we do what we do.

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Operations Consultant

Hop provides flexibility in coaching models, offering what a client needs most. Having over 23 years of Human experience and operational experience, Hop has been a leader in every capacity. Hop has the natural ability to connect and foster love and trust from the onset of any interaction.


VP of Business Dev & Tech

Joseph Brings an extensive history of business, e-commerce, video game industry, and technology leadership to Titanic. With a strong background in leading technology teams to develop websites, e-commerce platforms, and mobile apps, Joseph serves as Titanic’s VP of Business Development and Technology.


Business Manager

A veteran of Ovestock.com, Salina has broad experience in business management, wholesale operations, and B2B business development. Working at the intersection of finance, operations, and logistics, Salina serves as Titanic’s Business Manager.

Kevo Gulgulian

President and CEO

A distinguished and accomplished industry veteran with over 17 years of experience. Kevo was instrumental in establishing and growing the B2B segments of several large retail companies, including building the B2B business at industry leader Overstock.com. He established Titanic Sales in 2011 as a multichannel distributor specializing in overstocked, end of life, and closeout inventory, and has since grown the company into a full-service distributor of new, and in-line Inventory.