We offer a wide array of services depending on our client’s industry, size, and business goals. We currently offer a fully custom suite of services for brands / manufactures, distributors, retailers, loyalty rewards programs, institutions, and consumer product start-ups. We help suppliers move new, inline, and closeout products to new sales channels other than the “usual suspects”, and we help buying organizations find new and traffic driving products for their market needs.


Brands and product manufacturers have a real challenge on their hands. How do you grow sales without the marketplace sellers and online giants driving your pricing into the ground? Our solution is to find the right retailers, rewards programs, and institutions that won’t cannibalize sales or compete in the online race to zero. We work to build strategic win-win relationships
between the suppliers and customers we work with. 

We work strategically to find solutions that provide for growth on both sides of our inventory solutions. We use our market relationships and technology to offer the best services appropriate for each client’s business goals and objectives. Some of the services we provide to brands and product manufactures include:

  • Brand representation
  • Operate as an extension of your sales force
  • Distribution of new and inline inventory
  • Closeout, excess, and end of life inventory solutions
  • Retail and e-commerce channel management
  • Inclusion in Titanic Sales’ Premium / Rewards program
  • Placement in non-traditional retail spaces

Not everything that comes into a distributor’s warehouse moves like we wish it would. Sometimes experiments don’t pan out. Sometimes hot movers grow cold. Product trends can rise and fall in a matter of weeks if not days. Despite the best analytics and forecasting, sometimes inventory just doesn’t move. These slow movers and other forms of overstocks rack up warehouse fees, eat up warehouse capacity, tie up valuable capital, and only lose value as they sit unsold. 

We started out business dealing with this type of inventory. We can help distributors secure the best possible recovery on these inventories without causing market disruption that can hurt relationships with their suppliers. We can buy deals of any size. We’re fast on our decision making process. We respect online and channel restrictions. Some of the services we can
provide distributors include:

  • Closeout, excess, and end of life inventory solutions
  • Inclusion in Titanic Sales’ Premium / Rewards program

The retail landscape is stunningly competitive. Consolidations, online pricing pressures, and shifting consumer buying trends all contribute to that competition. Add in uncertainty around trade tariffs and fluctuating cost of goods, and retail buyers have a complex set of challenges to navigate. While these challenges can put pressure on even the most meticulously prepared forecast, we have programs and solutions that can help retailers smash their forecast goals.

We have ever growing lists of high margin opportunity buys that allow retailers to hit major homeruns with in-store sales and promotions. Many of these buys can evolve into regular distribution opportunities. We have access to tier one brands and emerging brands that drive in-store traffic. An example of some of the services we can provide our retail partners include:

  • Access to new and inline inventory from tier one brands
  • Access to closeout inventory deals to maximize profitability
  • Access to opportunity buys with high margin potential
  • Access to refurbished PC and Apple computers
  • Operate as an extension of your buying and sourcing groups
  • Dropship capability for select accounts

One of the fastest growing market opportunities available to brands and product manufacturers is inclusion in the premium, loyalty rewards, and MLM space. Employee and customer loyalty programs are quickly rising as a cornerstone of loyalty retention programs. The potential for these programs is colossal when considering the hospitality, entertainment, travel, and employee recognition markets alone. 

MLMs are another fantastic home for branded products as these are distributed from “behind the click” platforms that are not scrapable by pricing engines and are not visible to the general public. Products offered through these channels have a high perceived value and carry a sense of exclusivity around them. These are the exact qualities a brand wants to maintain to ensure its brand equity in the market stays intact. Some of the services we provide the premium and
rewards markets include:

  • Source of products for premium MLM companies
  • Source of products for customer loyalty rewards programs
  • Source of products for employee retention programs

Institutional budgets are increasingly under pressure even as these institutions are asked to acquire more with less resources. We understand these challenges and we have programs and services in place to help institutions meet their purchasing needs. We’re able to offer products
to institutions below market prices and help them extend their purchasing dollars. 

Additionally, institutions aren’t limited to what we have in inventory. We love and welcome when an institution brings us their shopping list of needs as we have the team and experience to secure their requests at the best possible price. Our relationships and technology give us the inside track on finding whatever they’re looking for. This makes us a valuable partner of any institutional buying group. 

In addition to our inventory services, Titanic has recently expanded its technology recycling program to larger institutions. We have the resources and logistics in place to help institutions retire their old technology, clear sensitive data using appropriate international standards, and responsibly recycle hardware. Other services we can provide to institutions include:

  • Access to discounted consumer products
  • Access to refurbished PC and Apple computers
  • Operate as an extension of your buying and sourcing groups

We have a soft spot for startups because we remember our own journey to establishing Titanic. We believe that entrepreneurs fundamentally make our world better and drive the markets we operate in, to new heights. We have a passion for working with startups and for helping drive their success.

One of the biggest challenges for new product startups is finding distribution into the market. Many of the big-name distributors don’t have an interest in working with an untested name. We love working with new companies because they often have new and innovative ideas that drive market growth – if they can get on the shelf. We help them get on that shelf and a whole lot more. We’re always looking to partner with new companies with bold products and grand ambitions. Some of the services we can provide to startups include:

  • Capital investment
  • Product design and development assistance
  • Ready built sales force for your products
  • Warehousing, logistics, and distribution channels
  • Packaging design and procurement
  • E-commerce & marketplace account management
  • Marketing & brand development
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