We’re experts at what we do, and what we do is grow your business. Regardless if your organization is on the buying or selling side of the spectrum, we bring the right elements together to drive your successful growth. We build our business on relationships, and we succeed when those relationships are strong and long-lasting. We do things differently. Everyone knows the “usual suspects” and is already doing business with them. We open doors to untapped markets, unexplored channels, and unique supply chain partners. we do the hard work to find the unexpected and deliver real growth opportunities. It takes little effort to destroy a company’s brand equity by carelessly putting its products in the same slash and burn, saturated channels as many other companies do. We don’t operate that way. We know the challenges of building a brand and the investment the goes into creating a valuable name. We protect our partners and prove to be good champions of their brands by intelligently matching the right sellers with the right buyers to build lasting win-win relationships. That’s why so many in the industry trust Titanic Sales as a primer trading partner, and so should you.


We have a vast network of suppliers, retailers, and institutions that trust Titanic Sales to be their premiere go-to distribution partner. We understand that business runs on relationships, and we take pride in every relationship we build with our market partners. We’ve built these associations by delivering valuable and innovative inventory solutions and we’ve maintained them through a dedication to ethical transparency in all of our dealings. Everyone does business with the “usual suspects”, and those accounts don’t always have your best interest at heart. We do things differently. Many of our partners are outside of the common channels and can offer tremendous value by operating outside of the saturated markets. Hundreds of small, regional organizations all the way up to fortune 500 companies trust Titanic to grow their business. You should to.

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