Culture Matters More Than You Think

Team cheering.

Company culture is much more than an industry buzz phrase. It’s not the number of slides you have in your lobby, the snacks in your cafeteria, or the weekly lunches held in fancy restaurants. It’s so much more than the eccentric examples that places like Silicon Valley have made the standard reference. It’s at the root of how an organization conducts its business, values its personal, and serves its customers. It’s a mission statement, and a brand promise manifested in action.

Most competitors do the same things; it’s how they do it that usually creates a competitive advantage. At some point, most intellectual property will eventually fall out of protection, and then all there is to keep an organization in the driver’s seat is the way it delivers its goods or services. Company culture matters more than you think.

Have you built an organization that focuses on the right things to earn a reputation as a trustworthy partner? Does your organization believe in business as usual or business as an experience? Does your company culture invite excellence or encourage mediocrity? How you treat your people impacts how they care for your industry partners. How you treat your industry partners determines the reputation your product or service takes into the competitive landscape with it.

Where do your distribution partners fit in this spectrum? Do they work with you to build custom solutions, or do they force you into a one-size-fits-all solution that only serves them? Are You “business as usual” to them, or are you the reason they build an experience? Are you a real relationship or a faceless partner number?

We do business differently because we do company culture differently. Our executives have been on both sides of the line, and we know one-size-fits-all solutions make success far more challenging. We work with our industry partners to craft specific solutions for their business needs. There are plenty of box movers in this business. We’d rather move those boxes strategically in a way that creates real win-win solutions with those we work with. Our culture is one of collaboration, mutual growth, and doing the right things the right way.

If you like that in your distribution partner, let’s talk.

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