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Urban Bloom

Titanic Sales is pleased to announce our partnership with Urban Bloom – the leader in sleep inspired comfort. Our company’s aim to bring exceptional products to the market drives us to collaborate with industry leaders around the world, and our partnership with Urban Bloom allows us to bring their world-class sleep products to our community […]

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How Do Schools Keep Up?

How do schools keep up you ask? Let’s find out. Walk into your nearest local school, and you won’t be able to find a chalkboard. You won’t see any old TVs on rolling carts or any VCR players. It might even be difficult for you to find paper, pencils, and printed textbooks. Walk into a

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struggling to make any sales

You Must Be Seen

Struggling to make any sales? Is your company struggling to make any sales? Are your profits not where you would like them to be? You must be seen before any profit can be made! This means you must get your product and brand out into retail channels where they can be seen by customers. You

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Inventory Is Essential

Inventory is essential, but why? Discovering the perfect balance of inventory for your company is a difficult and increasingly common problem. According to a survey conducted by Coresight Research and Select, 43% of respondents report their company struggles with overbuying while 36% of respondents said underbuying was their company’s challenge. It can be disastrous if

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Power Of Thanks

The Power Of Thanks

The Power of Thanks   Power of Thanks: Take everything that’s not so great about air travel. Now think of ways to erase that through extraordinary customer service. “This was the mindset of our founders,” says Michael Elliott, Senior Vice President of People at JetBlue, “when they created a small airline that is now a

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Little Tikes

Little Tikes

Titanic is excited to introduce one of the most iconic brands in children toys. In the past 50 years, Little Tikes has built one of the best reputations through doing business the right way with the best products, service and support that every client deserves. Little Tikes is by far one of the best brands

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Titanic Brands

Titanic Sales offers the very best brands you love! And, at a great price too! Titanic brands are vast and well-known. You have even seen most of them in your local stores, for example, Walmart or Target. Our catalog is filled with the names of each brand to give you an idea of what we

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