Successful Employee Recognition System

Successful Employee Recognition System

Want to know Secrets of a Successful Employee Recognition System?


Successful Employee Recognition System: As the human resource manager of a failing manufacturing plant, the author was desperate to find a way to motivate employees and break down the barrier between management and the union. He came up with a simple idea–say thank you to your employees for doing their job. Filled with case studies and guidelines, this book underscores the power behind thanking your employees for a job well done.


For an annual cost of about USD20 per employee, your return can be as high as 250 times the investment. How would you feel if you started to gets gifts from your company just for doing your job? It would probably make you feel pretty good about yourself and your work. That’s the idea behind the 100 club, an innovative recognition system combined with a suggestion system that dramatically improves productivity by supporting expected worker performance. The short-term result is improved morale among employees; the long-term benefit is better company performance in every dimension. 


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