How Do Schools Keep Up?

How do schools keep up you ask? Let’s find out. Walk into your nearest local school, and you won’t be able to find a chalkboard. You won’t see any old TVs on rolling carts or any VCR players. It might even be difficult for you to find paper, pencils, and printed textbooks. Walk into a school, and modern technology will be found in every single classroom. Harris Interactive did a study in 2013 on U.S teachers. 86% of teachers think it’s “important” or “absolutely essential” to use educational technology in the classroom. This technology can vastly improve the abilities of modern students to learn.


Even though the technology is highly valued, it is always changing, so many schools struggle to keep up. As everyone knows, technology is so expensive. In order to keep up with each new trend and improvement, many items must be replaced frequently. Parents pressure the government to provide satisfactory educations. However, schools are often left looking at their budgets and scratching their heads. They wonder, “Where will we get the money to buy new computers every couple of years?”.


If your school wonders where they will buy the newest technology every couple of years. For example, interactive whiteboards, projectors, and laptops, then the key is finding the right distributor and vendor. With our network and connections, we are able to provide high-quality technology to your school at an affordable price. Titanic Sales can help keep your school up-to-date for years to come. We can also remain within budget and provide the best possible education for your students. The decision is crystal clear. Let us help your school today with technology. You have nothing to lose but have only to gain. What are you waiting for?

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