Overcoming is in Our DNA

Wall art "Trust Your Struggle"

The COVID – 19 global pandemic has turned our world upside down and presented use with unexpected hurdles and challenges to our way of life. We’ve lost much in our struggle to overcome this virus’s impacts, and we’ll likely lose even more before it is over. Our species’ history is on our side, though – overcoming insurmountable challenges, beating unbelievable odds, and thriving in the shadows of tragedy is in our DNA. We’ll overcome this and become even stronger as a result of it.

We’re built to face challenges. 

No one could have predicted that we would be where we are right now. If someone had told you six months ago that we would be in quarantine for months at a time due to a global pandemic, would you have believed them?

Our daily lives have changed in ways we could never have imagined. We interact with our friends and family, work, and socialize now completely different due to COVID-19. We have to social distance, stay at home, and wear masks – not to mention having to be constantly aware of the significant threat this virus poses to our health and that of our loved ones.

This isn’t the worst thing we’ve gone through as a species, though. Just think about early humans, who weren’t always at the top of the food chain and dealt with unimaginable challenges. They were susceptible to diseases and injuries without treatment from modern medicine, not to mention the environmental changes that occurred, posing a threat to daily survival.

Humans evolved through eras of significant climate instability, where every aspect of their environment posed immediate dangers. Even so, generation after generation of humans faced these problems head-on and learned to overcome them. They didn’t just endure – they thrived!

Dealing with the unexpected and facing seemingly impossible odds is in our DNA. It’s how we became what we are today. COVID-19 is just another hurdle in our story of strength and growth.

We’ll Get Through This Together.

This pandemic has altered our routines and taken a toll on our sense of safety and health. However, it has also brought out the best in many. While the long-lasting negative effects of COVID-19 are undeniable, the positive ones are too. We have people going out of their ways to care for others and connect in ways we have not seen before. We’re adapting. We’re becoming stronger through the struggle.

People from different backgrounds, communities, and generations are pulling together to do their part to help us get through this. Just look at the frontline workers in healthcare and emergency responders – their efforts have made a huge difference. They should give us hope for the future after COVID-19.

We should continue to have a growth mindset and have the courage to keep pushing forward. Maintain focus on the good things around us and use that as motivation to move beyond the challenges we are all currently facing. 

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